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Je recueille 5 000 $ pour OMRM de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Fin : 10 octobre 2020

Families with a sick child need to be stronger than ever as they manage their own family crisis during a global crisis. Right now, it is hard for all families to stay close – but it is even harder for a family with a sick or injured child especially those who must travel far from home during these extraordinary circumstances. As our province’s family care charity, we understand the importance of keeping families close, especially during these difficult times. Our families need you, now more than ever. RMHC NL has experienced a significant reduction of funding due to cancellation of fundraising events, suspended in house volunteer programs, cancelled program support from outside groups and increased costs due to heightened infection control processes as a result of COVID-19. It has certainly been a challenging year. As a dedicated team of volunteers serving as board members for Ronald McDonald House Charities Newfoundland and Labrador, we are a 100% giving board and we have all made personal monetary donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities Newfoundland and Labrador again this year and we invite you to also do the same. We need your help now more than ever! Your donation will go directly to providing programs and services for families with a sick child at Ronald McDonald House. Your donation will have a direct impact on our ability to continue delivering our mission of keeping families close to their sick or injured child. Your donation will mean: • keeping families close to their sick child and the medical care and resources they need; • the keys to a family suite for a shower and a good night sleep; • hot meals; • access to laundry services; • extra cleaning supplies for advanced sanitization procedures; • activities to help keep children and families occupied during isolation. Our families need your help!

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8 octobre 2020
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8 octobre 2020
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30 septembre 2020
Atlantic Grocery donné 500 $

5 septembre 2020
Catherine C donné 250 $

3 septembre 2020
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2 septembre 2020
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In memory of Aaron Bradbury 🌈

Jennette C donné 100 $

Great cause near and dear to our hearts! Michael, Jennette and Anna Ryan

RMM donné 150 $

31 juillet 2020
Erin H donné 150 $

We LOVE Ronald McDonald House! It was a safe haven for the Higdons, and is a home away from home for so many. Please donate today!

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