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Je recueille 1 000 $ pour OMRM de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Fin : 10 octobre 2020

When asked why we walk for families our answer is simple. For Families! In the spring of 2016 our daughter required surgery and we needed to stay close to the Janeway children’s hospital. Thankfully Ronald McDonald House (RMH) was there for our family. It provided us all the comforts of home while allowing us to care for our recovering daughter. This house is a Home for many families who need to concentrate on nothing more than their child’s health. We walk annually to help provide support for this amazing House so it can continue to be there for other families when they need it most. We walk to teach our daughter what it means to be kind and give unconditionally to others. RMH is much more than a building next to the hospital. It is a loving, caring, supportive group of staff, volunteers, and families that come together during a family’s time of need. By supporting the annual Walk for Families event you are helping ensure that this Home is there for families.

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Red Shoe Crew Walk for Families - Victoria

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29 septembre 2020
Amy S donné 10 $

Recycling Efforts donné 350 $

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