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58 697 $ 250 000 $

Objectif de la collecte de fonds

45 $ 2 500 $
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Je recueille 2 500 $ pour OMRM de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.

Fin : 10 octobre 2020

We are a team of Family Service Staff and Volunteers who see first hand what RMHC NL provides to the families of Newfoundland and Labrador. Its the comfort given to a family who walks through our doors for the first time, the meals provided so that Moms and Dads don't have to worry about what's for dinner tonight, the handmade quilts that children and their siblings receive when they arrive to keep them cozy during their stay, its the friendships that are made between families that hold them up during the hard days, its the friendly smile from a volunteer that reassures a family that they have caring people surrounding them, its knowing that the lights are on and a Family Service Associate is there to get a cup of tea after a long day. For all this and more we are walking to ensure that these comforts are available to the families of Newfoundland and Labrador close to the medical care they need when they need it the most.

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2020 Red Shoe Crew-Walk for Families

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3 septembre 2020
Jackie F donné 20 $

Lily R donné 25 $

Ensemble, nous avons amassé 58 697 $ pour atteindre notre objectif 250 000 $

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